Easy as 1, 2, 3

How freetobook works in 3 easy steps

Register, login and set up your property details, policies, room and board types.

Once you have registered and completed your profile and room rates, freetobook will be ready to feed availability and booking functionality to your website.

Load your existing bookings on your Diary and complete your availability with rates.

You can login to freetobook anytime to see your bookings at a glance, add phone bookings, view your diary, check bookings, email customers, change prices, close dates and much much more.

Simply add your Booking Button to your website.

Customers will visit your website, check availability, check rates and make bookings. You will receive a confirmation email with their details and they will receive confirmation with your contact details.

Your booking button is designed to maximise your sales. We make it easy for your customers to book wherever they find you: your website or your facebook page, blog, twitter or any other website. Your booking button works hard for you.


What do our customers say?

"freetobook have been fantastic for us as a small business..."
The Woodhouse, Largs

"professional, flexible and easy to use and our bookings have increased..."
St Ninians, South West Scotland

"absolutely no cost implications at all..."
Kilham Hall, East Yorkshire

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